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Participation in the development and practical application of technical regulations

One of the new directions of activity of JSC "STC Industrial Safety" is a research and development in the field of technical regulation.

Technical regulation "On the security of machinery and equipment," introduced a new document, "safety case". As an aid to its development, we released the Standard Organization (STO STC-2011. Development of the safety of machines and (or) equipment supplied to hazardous industrial facilities).

STC staff participated in the development of national technical regulations "On the security of machinery and equipment", "On the safety of elevators," "On safety of vessels operating under positive pressure," and also participated in a working group to amend the Federal Law "On Technical Regulation" and related legislation of the Russian Federation. At present, work on the project of technical regulations of the Customs Union, "On the safety of vessels operating under positive pressure."

We have developed the concept of technical regulation system of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities, which determines where the requirements of technical regulations in the regulation of safety of technical devices and eliminates the problem of dual regulation.

Together with the Ministry of Industry Russia we have developed a training program for technical regulation, which is currently being tested at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.