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Research and Technology Center for Safety in Industry (further transformed into JSC "STC" Industrial safety ") was established by order of the President of the Russian Federation from 31.12.91 № 136-p for the scientific and technical support oversight and coordination of works and studies aimed at ensure industrial safety, as well as the independent examination and evaluation of the safety of industrial plants.

In accordance with the creation of the Uniform System of Conformity Assessment in facilities controlled by Rostechnadzor (now - Unified system for conformity assessment of industrial, environmental, safety, security, energy and construction), approved by the head of RTN 31.03.06, at the JSC "STC" Industrial Security "entrusted with the Central Authority (the Authority's accreditation, the Coordinating Body) Uniform system of conformity assessment. JSC "STC" Industrial safety "- Central Organ of the System of voluntary certification in the field of industrial, environmental, safety, security, energy and strotelstve registered 19/06/06 Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (registration № ROSS RU.3327.04SH00).

The system is used to organize and conduct voluntary certification of works, services, products, systems management staff. Public Council for Rostechnadzor JSC "STC" Industrial safety "defined by the coordinating agency for the creation of the Unified System of self-regulation in the field of industrial and environmental safety, energy, construction and transport.

To carry out works on the subject of "SEC" Industrial safety "annually attracts tens of highly professional experts from leading academic and industrial institutions, the federal executive bodies, the various organizations operating in the industrial, environmental, safety, security, energy and construction.